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Comprehensive and AI-based solution for analysing children's emotional state

This innovative solution utilizes AI to comprehensively analyze children's behavior, placing equal importance on their emotional well-being and educational achievements.

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Learn more about technology

Understanding and Developing Children's Skills

Children's social and play-based learning skills are critical for their overall development. Yet, parents, educators, and clinicians often find it challenging to understand and develop these skills in children, particularly those with behavioural issues.

YochienAITech: Empowering Children's Learning and Socialization with AI Insights

Our solution, YochienAITech, uses AI to analyse a range of data points in children's behaviour. By understanding patterns and trends, YochienAITech can provide valuable insights and recommendations to enhance play-based learning and socialization skills.


Comprehensive Functionality of Our Product

  • Detailed reports for parents and educators to understand the child's behaviour and progress.

  • Group activity analysis to monitor and encourage sharing and turn-taking behaviours.

  • Coordination and teamwork enhancement through outdoor games, physical activities, and sports.

Innovation: AI-Driven Child Behavior Analysis & Personalized Learning Plans

  • Collection and analysis of a wide range of data points on children's behaviour.
  • Use of AI to identify patterns and correlations, enabling a better understanding of a child's behaviour.
  • Development of personalized learning plans tailored to individual students' needs.
  • Detection of signs of stress, anxiety, or other emotional states through analysis of facial expressions and body language.

Data Privacy and Security at YochienAITech: Your Trust is Our Priority

We understand the importance of data privacy and security, especially when it involves children. Our users' trust is our top priority, and we continually review and improve our privacy practices to maintain that trust.

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    End-to-End Encryption

    All data transmitted and stored are encrypted to ensure the highest level of security.

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    GDPR Compliance

    Our system is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation to protect our user's data.

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    Parental Consent

    No data is collected from a child without the explicit consent of a parent or guardian.

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    We maintain clear communication with our users about what data we collect, how we use it, and who has access to it.

Management team

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  • With a career spanning over 22 years, I have dedicated myself to the field of Finance & Accounting. Throughout my journey, I have held various strategic roles in finance and gaining invaluable experience. Notably, I have had the privilege of working across Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.
    I am holding a Master of Science in Professional Accountancy from the University of London (UK). I am also a proud fellow member of CPA Australia and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), holding the esteemed title of a chartered accountant.

    Mr. Nguyen, Hoang Bui

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Founder and managing Director of 2 kindergarten campus Ho Chi Minh City with Japanese method of education; more than 5+ years of experience in collaboration with dedicated team of educators, parents, and staff to develop an enriching curriculum that incorporates elements of childhood educational philosophy.
    Having graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture in Japan, I have a strong educational foundation in architecture, and I am passionate about the art and science of designing and constructing spaces that serve the needs of individuals and communities.

    Luong, Nguyen Viet Thanh

    Chief Executive Officer

  • With well-trained knowledge in the university of commerce in Bachelor of Economics majoring in Commercial Marketing as well as deeper learning at the master’s program in Economics, majoring in Development Economics.

    My professional career started since 2006, from Marketing staff, Director of Branch, Customer Relationship officer, Director of commerce and to Deputy Director. I have deep knowledge in building wide customers networks, working with partners, taking care of the company’s existing customers, and continuously looking for new prospects, offering them to use our company’s services.

    Mr. Nguyen, Manh Phu

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • 23 years of experiences in Telecom & IT market, with strong technical background and deep knowledge in business market. With more than 14 years of experience in Project Management. Work as Project Director for Ericsson AB in Vietnam since 2008, I have successful leaded many mobile network roll out projects for Operators in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with accumulated value up to 500MUSD.

    Certified on Project Management Professional (PMP) by PMI since 2009, Experienced Project Manager (EPM) in 2013 and as Senior Project Manager (ESPM) in 2016 by Ericsson Global.

    I have Bachelor of Science in Telecom Technology and Master of Science in Information processing and Communications.

    Mr. Nguyen, Phu Tho

    Chief Technology Officer

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